AssureTemp for eCMS automatically monitors and logs temperatures to preserve valuable inventory and, in turn, safeguard patients.

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AssureTemp preserves revenue, reduces inventory loss, mitigates risk, improves quality, supports standardization and facilitates staff efficiency. By enabling all of these benefits, it provides quick ROI—through efficient, accurate and accessible temperature monitoring.

AssureTemp utilizes your existing IT infrastructure, allowing for quick and easy installation. The monitoring hardware connects to a cloud-based application that records data at predefined intervals both locally and in the cloud, ensuring that a reading is never missed or lost. The simple-to-use system notifies staff of temperature issues by text, email or page according to your temperature management policy. It also provides extensive documentation for a complete audit trail, remediation tracking, and product disposition.

According to the CDC interim guidance:
Every vaccine storage unit/container must have a temperature monitoring device.
COVID-19 vaccine products are temperature-sensitive and must be stored and handled correctly to ensure efficacy and maximize shelf life,” “Proper storage and handling practices are critical to minimize vaccine loss and limit risk of administering COVID-19 vaccine with reduced effectiveness.

AssureTemp™ Temperature Monitoring Devices (TMD) meet the strict CDC Ultra-low guidelines.

  • Operating Temperature ranges:
    • without buffered sensor -198 to 150°C (-324 to 302°F)
    • with buffered sensor -198 to 130°C (-324 to 266°F)
  • Sensor Calibrations are performed by an ILAC/PJLA accredited lab and conform to ISO/IES 17025, NIST standards for testing and traceability
  • Multi-level data redundancy guarantees no lost readings
  • Real-time readings available from any internet connected device
  • Interim warning bands allow for notifications before out of compliance
  • TMD is powered with rechargeable battery backup
  • TMD network accessible via WiFi or Ethernet
  • Local audible alerts and visual display for current, min and max readings
  • Local storage of 4000 readings
  • Configurable measurement frequency

Cloud based data management system delivers:

  • Multiple level Alerts and escalations
  • Manage assets and inventories by organization
  • Online storage of 10+ years of readings
  • Integrate manual readings for automated system verification