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Before EoScene

Bend Memorial Clinic is a group of more than 100 healthcare providers in Bend, Oregon, that provide head-to-toe care. They offer 30 specialties, from cardiology to pediatrics to urgent care. The clinic also maintains a free vaccine program as a service to their community. Though their nursing staff was manually checking the temperatures of the refrigerators that held the vaccines twice a day, the refrigerator doors were sometimes left open overnight, which ruined the vaccines.


Automating temperatures while providing additional benefits

To manage the temperatures of the dozens of medical vaccine refrigerators on-site, Bend Memorial Clinic sought an automated monitoring system. They found AssureTemp™ by EoScene, a web-based application with connected hardware featuring 24/7 temperature data collection, multilevel notification via page, text and email, and extensive documentation for a complete audit trail. Unlike the system they had previously tried, AssureTemp works with their existing IT infrastructure and provides more robust data tracking.


Promoting compliance through real-time alerts

AssureTemp sends out real-time notifications if temperatures spike, which enables Bend Memorial Clinic to comply with the Oregon Department of Human Services’ (DHS) requirement to have a monitoring system in place that alerts staff to problems. Furthermore, AssureTemp alerts staff if any of devices stop communicating.


Increasing staff awareness and accountability

The reports that AssureTemp instantly sends to the facility supervisor shows the nurses who are leaving the refrigerator doors open too long, which has held them accountable while encouraging them to prevent complications.

Additionally, the system’s reporting features help Bend Memorial Clinic meet DHS’ weekly reporting requirement. They enable the clinic to view a temperature deviation, its length, and any notes on what was done to fix it. With these reports showing that they never allowed an incursion to threaten their vaccines, the clinic is prepared to handle the DHS’ two random audits per year.


Providing support to ensure success

EoScene flew two members of their support team to Bend Memorial Clinic to personally look at the facility and work closely with them to properly implement AssureTemp. From the very beginning, the clinic has appreciated that they can always reach out to EoScene for help.


Focusing on temperature monitoring

EoScene and AssureTemp help pharmacists, safety and life safety officers, and compliance officers everywhere advance temperature monitoring and comply with regulations. To learn more, visit