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3 Questions Joint Commission Surveyors Want You To Answer | How Can Eoscene Help?


Question 1

What type of fire-stopping is used in the facility?

The joint commission is interested knowing specific brands of firestopping being used in a facility. This gives them a better understating of what to expect on the tour, and also establishes the type of conversations regarding training. All healthcare personnel should have training on firestopping and barrier management. The Joint Commission will now preempt their tour plans by inquiring about the type of fire-stopping before planning any building tour.

Eoscene can track the type of training healthcare personnel have received on firestopping and barrier management in great detail. The system also documents the specific brand of firestopping used in any facility. This provides quick and detailed information for the Joint Commission Surveyors upon request. Evoking a better idea of what to should expect during a building tour, enabling an accurate plan for a building tour, and providing accurate documentation of facility management and employee training. Every Health Care Facility has the ability for firestopping and barrier management across all assets.

Digital documentation through EoScene’s platform removes the hassle of searching through piles of paper searching for Brand information and employee training records. It minimizes the amount of physical records to be stored and updated, and easily enables supervisors to monitor employee training lapses or gaps. Easy tracking and reporting allows for management to keep track of when training is needed to be complete and which assets are remaining compliant. Eoscene places documentation on firestopping and barrier management at your fingertips in a concise and efficient way.

Overall impact: Health Care facilities need to track the process and type of training healthcare personnel have received on firestopping and barrier management. They also need to document the brand of firestopping is being used for ease of examination by Joint Commission Surveyors.

Question 2

What is the organization’s policy regarding accessing interstitial spaces and ceiling panel removal?

The Joint Commission needs to know about any restrictions in high-risk areas, specifically in regards to interstitial spaces and ceiling panels. Surveyors want to know about the areas that prohibit ceiling tile removal without special equipment, so they can arrange for the equipment to be available in a timely manner. Surveyors also use this information to determine the level of sophistication of the hospital when it comes to infection prevention and facility management. A larger facility without a policy in place would raise some red flags for the Joint Commission.

EoScene tracks which areas are high risk and if they are remaining compliant with Joint Commission standards. Documenting that there is a policy in place is key for things like HEPA systems removes some of the anxiety regarding a potential building tour. EoScene allows for reporting how the policy is being carried out in great detail. This provides accurate information regarding interstitial space, ceiling panel removal, and establishes competency and sophistication regarding infection prevention and facility management.

Overall impact: Health Care Facilities should be able to communicate their interstitial spaces and ceiling panel removal policy in high-risk areas, while also detailing the sophistication of infection prevention and facility management to surveyors.

Question 3

Which materials are used for high-level disinfection or sterilization?

(g89-lutaraldehyde, ortho-phthalaldehyde, peracetic acid, etc.)

Occupational safety and ventilation is paramount when it comes to chemicals being used for sterilization. As a result, the Joint Commission Surveyors are interested in knowing specific chemicals and how and how often these chemicals are being changed. Therefore, it is important to accurately document, track, and record facility sterilization records along with any equipment associated with proper ventilation.

EoScene’s system allows facility professionals to document exactly what chemicals are being used for sterilization and to report which groups are in compliance with manufacture regulation. With the digital documentation, EoScene provides accurate measuring and tracking of all sterilization chemicals and ventilation equipment. The Eoscene software can send alerts and reminders to identified personnel, ensuring that chemicals are being used properly.

Overall impact: Health Care Facilities Personnel should be tracking what chemicals are being used for high-level disinfection/sterilization. Along with how often the chemicals are being used, and if the environment meets manufacturer recommendations to remain compliant with the Joint commission building tour standards.

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