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Before EoScene

Inova Fairfax Hospital is an award-winning network of hospitals based in Falls Church, Virginia. They were facing turnover in key personnel responsible for managing their environment of care, so they started looking for the optimal environment of care management system that would ensure continuity across its 30 facilities.


Enabling easier and more efficient management

After evaluating various systems, Inova found the EoScene eCMS™ Compliance Management Solution, which is a suite of web-based tools that enable organizations to more easily and efficiently manage their environment of care. During the implementation, EoScene worked with the hospital to understand what they were trying to do and adapted the solution to meet their needs, tailoring the environmental tour checklist and reporting features to track problem areas in real time.


Implementing self-monitoring to ensure accountability

When the staff was not interacting enough with eCMS and thus not completing the remediation actions on time, Inova worked with EoScene to develop a monthly self-monitoring program. They had two goals with the program: to increase the staff’s contact with the system and to focus on any problem areas uncovered in their surveys.

Initially, they selected questions from the full surveys to launch a pilot program in a few departments. Due to the pilot’s success, they fully implemented the program in May 2014. Ever since, all of the departments have seen the deficiencies in the reports and taken accountability in closing the loop. The program uses a standard template, but the hospital can easily modify the questions to focus on any specific problem areas that arise during the regular environmental tour.


Facilitating predictability in care delivery

With eCMS, Inova is confident that they will maintain their environment of care despite personnel turnover over the long term. They also know that EoScene will continue to be there for them, responding to their needs to ensure success.


Focusing on environment of care

EoScene and eCMS help hospital administrators, compliance officers, team leaders, facility managers, safety directors and heads of clinical engineering everywhere comply with regulations and improve quality of care. To learn more, visit