Before EoScene

Nemours is a premier children’s health organization serving Delaware, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Their Delaware hospital was spending substantial time collecting, analyzing and distributing data during their safety rounds, leaving little time to actually fix the problems they found. To upgrade this process, they sought an easy-to-use automated environment of care management system with sophisticated tracking features.


Enabling easier and more effective management

Nemours chose and implemented the EoScene eCMS™ Compliance Management Solution, a suite of web-based tools that enable organizations to more easily and efficiently manage their environment of care. With the ecRound module on their iPads, the environment of care team can quickly and accurately complete surveys. They can also access reports in real time, immediately after a survey’s completion. These capabilities enable the staff to valuably spend their time on problem solving rather than on merely collecting and analyzing data.

The team has also turned around work orders more quickly since switching to eCMS. When they identify an issue, they document it in the system. eCMS automatically sends a message on it to the facility manager, who then creates a work order that goes to the appropriate maintenance personnel. This maintenance worker can then attend to the problem immediately.


Facilitating ongoing compliance

Shortly after implementing eCMS, Nemours performed well on a Joint Commission survey. However, they expect to do even better on the next one, as they have since identified and completed significantly more Plans for Improvements (PFIs). They have also cleared or closed them much quicker than ever before.


Supporting plans for the future

Nemours is considering using eCMS to track and check construction daily rounds and fire watch. They are also preparing to implement a customized template to track the safety rounds in their clinical research area. Whatever they decide to do with the system moving forward, they know that EoScene will make sure that they continue to be happy with it and use it optimally. Nemours feels that EoScene has already proven that by always accommodating their every question, asked at any time of day.


Focusing on environment of care

EoScene and eCMS help hospital administrators, compliance officers, team leaders, facility managers, safety directors and heads of clinical engineering everywhere comply with regulations and improve quality of care. To learn more, visit