salem regional medical center


Before EoScene

Salem Regional Medical Center is an independent, not-for-profit medical center in Ohio committed to providing advanced medical services. For years, they conducted their hazard surveillance rounds by using spreadsheets to gather results, enter data, create reports and follow up on Requirements for Improvements (RFIs).


Enabling easier and more efficient management

To alleviate the time-consuming, cumbersome and frustrating spreadsheet process, the hospital implemented the EoScene eCMS™ Compliance Management Solution, a suite of web-based tools that enable organizations to more easily and efficiently manage their environment of care. They especially appreciated its affordability compared to other solutions, and they were able to use grant money to purchase the product.


Easing training and issue resolution

EoScene worked with Salem Regional Medical Center to customize the survey questions and train the surveyors. Because the software is very intuitive, the training only took 30 minutes. The surveyors conduct their rounds using iPads, the system sends the results to the environment of care director and it emails any RFIs to the appropriate department. eCMS then emails reminders to the relevant personnel until they address the necessary tasks.


Helping address deficiencies and maintain accountability

Prior to implementing eCMS, Salem Regional Medical Center was not tracking numbers such as survey completion rate. Using the system today, they can view reports showing the surveyors who are not completing their surveys, any deficiencies and the actions that have been taken to address these deficiencies.


Proving ROI

After almost running out of grant money, the environment of care department presented a proposal on continuing to use eCMS to the CEO, which included a cost-benefit analysis. Considering the costs that they saved with the system equaled the cost of employing one full-time worker, the CEO spent only 10 minutes on reviewing the proposal and immediately approved it. The hospital has since used the system to incorporate a hazard vulnerability analysis, and with EoScene’s help, they are also looking at other ways to use it to ‘work smarter, not harder.’


Focusing on environment of care

EoScene and eCMS help hospital administrators, compliance officers, team leaders, facility managers, safety directors and heads of clinical engineering everywhere comply with regulations and improve quality of care. To learn more, visit