Facility Safety

Make Patient Safety Easy through Continuous Monitoring

EoScene’s Compliance Management Service enables you to painlessly automate your hospital’s environmental safety process.

Eliminate Paper Chasing & Keep Focus on Patients
  • Document Environmental Safety Rounds without being buried under mounds of paper
  • Assign safety tasks enterprise-wide with little effort
  • Increase consistency and efficiency
  • Eliminate reporting gaps with automated notifications
  • Use Ready-Made Standard Templates or upload your own to automate your environmental
    compliance entirely in days
Get Real-Time Transparency and Accountability
  • Monitor security & safety status anytime from ANY web accessible device
  • Eliminate staff confusion on environmental readiness requirements
  • Cultivate a culture of accountability built on enterprise-wide visibility
  • Increase security & safety confidence by improving system auditability
Make Patient Safety Initiatives Objective
  • Replace subjective reports with standardized quantitative reports
  • Reduce the error potential associated with manual processes and paper templates
  • Use objective detailed data to prioritize hazards for remediation
  • Minimize safety and security risks
Improve Patient Safety While Saving Thousands of Dollars Annually!
  • Free up staff time by spending a fraction of time on safety compliance related tasks
  • Eliminate costly remediation of compliance gaps with automated alerts
  • Reduce liability expenses associated with patient safety incidents
  • Get higher reimbursement rates with state-of-art management systems
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