Infection Prevention

Make Patients Safe by Eliminating Hospital-Associated Infections (HAIs)

Minimize infection risks and costly readmissions with EoScene’s Compliance Management Service.


Implement Objective Infection-Prevention Initiatives
  • Automate checklists for maintaining sterile environments
  • Replace subjective reports with standardized quantitative reports
  • Eliminate staff confusion on anti-infection protocols
  • Reduce the error potential associated with manual processes and templates
Boost Bottom Line and Patient Health by Eliminating Readmissions
  • Reduce liabilities and other expenses caused by patient infections
  • Enjoy higher reimbursement rates by using state-of-the-art management systems
Get Real-Time Transparency and Accountability
  • Monitor adherence to infection control protocols anytime from ANY web accessible device
  • Eliminate staff confusion on infection control checklists
  • Cultivate a culture of accountability built on enterprise-wide visibility
  • Increase confidence by improving auditability of infection controls
Make Infection Control Enterprise-Wide and Routine
  • Promote adherence to evidence based practices
  • Use ready-made audit checklists adapted to each department’s needs
  • Customize automated alerts to notify managers when anti-infection checklists are not followed
  • Utilize audit checklists to automate your infection control protocols in DAYS — NOT weeks, NOT months, NOT years
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