Temperature Monitoring

Increase Patient Safety by Safeguarding Suppliers with Audit-Ready Automated Monitoring and Alarms

EoScene’s AssureTemp® Temperature Monitoring Solution lets you effortlessly protect valuable drugs, vaccines, tissue and more.

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Free Up Staff Hours to Keep Focus on Patients
  • Eliminate the need for twice daily manual checks with continuous data logs
  • Accelerate excursion incident evaluation and reporting
  • Reduce the staff hours required for monitoring tasks that used to take time and attention away from patients
Benefit from Incalculable Savings by Safeguarding Inventory
  • Assure patient safety with properly stored drugs, vaccines, food products, tissue, blood supplies and other perishable products
  • Reduce liability expenses associated with patient safety incidents
  • Eliminate all subjectivity and human error from records
Get Real-time Visibility of Storage Conditions
  • Get alarms for corrective actions to protect supplies before temperature or humidity drifts out of critical range
  • Monitor status anytime from ANY web accessible device
  • Alarm system provides audible alert, e-mail, text or pager notification when storage temperature or humidity wanders out-of-range
  • Automate alarms to eliminate costly replacements of supplies
Eliminate Compliance Headaches
  • Complete audit trail available within seconds 24/7
  • Make compliance automatic without distracting from patient care
  • Automatically generate audit-ready records at all times
  • Eliminate inconsistent or incomplete records
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